Eppler Flute Company

Eppler Flute Company

Alexander Eppler - flutemaker


West Seattle shop
Flutemaking, manufacture, sales, repairs:
3828 SW Orchard Street, Seattle, Washington

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 16513
Seattle, WA, USA 98116-0513

Robert Weyrick/Perspective Image - headjoints Original Boehm-Mendler flute, over 140 years old
Restored by Eppler Flutes

Expert flute repair and flute restoration.
Robert Weyrick/Perspective Image - headjoints
Eppler wooden headjoints
L-R: alto, flute, and piccolo


Makers and restorers:
fine wooden Boehm-system flutes, custom wooden headjoints, and all types of metal flutes


"Words cannot adequately express how happy I am with my Eppler silver flute and cocuswood headjoint! The tone is warm, smooth, even, pleasing and consistent from low B to high F#4. The keywork is comfortable, solid and secure and the scale makes playing in tune easy. With a dynamic range allowing for full expression and extended techniques such as multiphonics, harmonics and whisper tones so easy to execute, I would play no other instrument. Thanks for making my flute playing life so very much better."

--Jim O'Halloran, flutist - Charanga Danzon  

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