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Eppler Flute Company Models

Neil Lukas/Acme Silver - Eppler silver flute
Eppler wood head jointEppler repairing wood fluteEppler wood head joint, close-up of engraving

Wooden flutes

The wooden flute is our specialty.

The Eppler Flute Company is the oldest uninterrupted maker of modern wooden headjoints and flutes in the world today, having first introduced them over thirty years ago.

Standard features of the Eppler wooden flute
  • African Blackwood or choice of Cocuswood* or Snakewood*
  • Modern scale
  • Silver mechanism
  • Open hole, offset G-A mechanism
  • Gold springs
  • C# trill key
  • B footjoint with high C facilitator key,
  • StraubingerTM pads (custom made for our wooden instruments)
  • Special silencing
All flutes come with the following:
  • French style case
  • zipper pocket case cover with handle
  • custom made rosewood swab

Currently, we are in the process of introducing an entirely new model of Eppler wooden Boehm-system flute. This is our first completely new design since 1990 to be available in 2006.

Early Eppler wooden headjoints made for
a wide variety of silver flutes.

Silver flutes

robert weyrick/image perspective, Eppler silver flute with wood headjoint
Eppler silver flute with wood headjoint


Standard Model

Our instruments combine all the features and specifications favored by a majority of our clients who play in symphony orchestras, teach and perform professionally.

Our special silencing and exclusive hand-finishing make Eppler flutes feel and play like other flutes costing more than twice as much.

Silver C flutes have the following in common:

All of our flutes come with:
  • French style case.
  • Padded, zipper pocket case cover with handle.
  • Custommade rosewood swab.

Original dies, masters, and silver footjoint
key cups produced at Eppler Flute Company in 1980.
Eppler flute key masters, dies, silver footjoint key cups

"I purchased one of your flutes about 13 years ago.
My flute has been just wonderful.
My father talked with you a lot in working out the
details of the flute. I can still remember the day
it arrived as being so exciting--to be able to try
it out for the first time. It's gotten
lots of use since then and I play it often.
And thanks for the rose that you engraved
on the head piece. It makes it an even more
special instrument and reminds me of the exciting
time when it was being built. Good luck with everything!!"
--Clancy Scheid (Nov 2005)

  Eppler flute barrel

Silver flute

Silver headjoint model with 14 k gold riser    
Same model, but with African blackwood (grenadilla) wooden headjoint    


Split E, in-line mechanism    
Split E, offset mechanism    
D# roller    
Low C# roller    
Special ergonomic mechanism for small hands   

Contact epplerflutes@hotmail.com for prices.
The pricing of Eppler wood headjoints is confirmed at the time of order.
keys closeup
«I have just purchased an Eppler flute from Carolyn Nussbaum Flute Co. in Dallas, Texas. It is an exquisite instrument and plays beautifully. I tried ten other flutes (all new) but was most pleased with the Eppler, as were the people whom I had brought to help listen.» --Megan Williams, student, Dallas, Texas

Special Alto Flute

One of the only alto flutes in the world with:

  • a low F# footjoint (with gizmo key).
  • G# trill key (comparable to a C# trill key on the C flute).

Price available on request.

The Eppler Piccolo

This unusual instrument is truly a miniature flute with a cylindrical bore.

Standard features of the Eppler piccolo:

  • A 442 scale.
  • A one piece grenadilla or cocuswood body to C (comparable to a C footjoint on the flute).
  • A silver headjoint-to-body tenon (in lieu of the traditional piccolo tenon).
  • A unique C# trill key.
  • A flute-style thumb key (single, not double, key cups).
  • All StraubingerTM pads.
A. Eppler working in the old Fifth Avenue
shop. 1980
J. Wang, Eppler working on footjoint

Options: one piece body to low B (with gizmo key).

The lower and middle octaves of the Eppler piccolo are fuller than those of the traditional piccolo. The instrument also perserves an exceptionally responsive high C but the high octave is not shrill or piercing.

Price available on request.

For all correspondence and mail orders, go to CONTACT page.
Robert Weyrick/Perspective Image--100 year old flute
Old wooden flute awaiting restoration.
See images and read description of the
complete restoration and overhaul of this flute.

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