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Flute Repair

Fine-tuning footjoint screws    Alexander and James working in the shop

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A. Eppler in our old downtown 5th Ave. shop. 1974

Flute Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance

Both of our Seattle shops are dedicated to flutes--not to other woodwinds or brass--and the wooden flute is our specialty.

Every flutist is an individual--and so is the flute being played. The Eppler Flute Company of Seattle will restore your flute to play a well as it did when it came new from its maker, or even better. Cleaning, oiling, and many other small repairs for flutes can be performed on a same-day or next-day basis. Complete repadding of flute keys will be completed within five days. Flute overhauls require approximately ten days. See images and read a description of a complete overhaul of an old flute.

Alexander Eppler was the first, and for several years the only, flutemaker to have Straubinger certification. StraubingerTM pads, specialized tools, and more than 30 years experience make the flute services provided by Alexander Eppler high quality and one of a kind.

"Thanks for the GREAT JOB and FAST TURN-AROUND!" --F. Staff, flute instructor, Los Angeles, CA

"The flute is glorious. I am delighted with it. It will be my pleasure to recommend your work around my flute circles...and the NFA." --S. Goodfellow, professor of flute, University of Utah

"Wow! For all of these years of being perfectly happy with my flute, I now realize that it was NOT what it could have been. What a pleasure to play on it. Thanks again and again for high standards, patience, knowledge...and artistry." --E. Burkhalter, flute performer and instructor, Houston, Texas

"My Brannen is working beautifully--back to its original playing condition." --Natalia Semyonova, performer, Paris, France

"Alek, thanks again for the overhaul - you did the impossible! You far exceeded my expectations, especially correcting the venting problem with the thumb key. Also, I didn't realize what a difference Straubinger pads would make. My flute plays beautifully. Your work is impeccable."--Steve Franzke, flute performer and instructor, Tacoma, Washington

For all correspondence and mail orders:

Eppler Flute Company
P.O. Box 16513
Seattle, WA 98116-0513, U.S.A.

Telephone: (206) 932-2211
FAX: (206) 933-1269
Email: epplerflutes@hotmail.com

When in Seattle, plan to visit the Eppler workshop.
Please call or write for an appointment.

Apprentice Tumnoon preparing several
hundred African blackwood
billets for initial turning.

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